edition partanen


Edition Partanen was founded by Tuula Niemeyer-Partanen in 1972. Specialised in silkscreen print and publication of graphic and art portfolios, the studio was established in Schluchsee/Black Forest with a showroom in Zurich/Switzerland. The first public appereance took place with exhibitions containing graphic art by Timo Aalto, Matti Koskela and Jo Niemeyer at the Basel Art Fair and Art Düsseldorf 1974.

Since the very beginning the edition has produced, published and presented graphic artwork and original paintings from international, contemporary artists. The main focus is set on Finnish artists as an important part of the program in the Edition since the 1970ies.

Tuula Niemeyer-Partanen

Tuula Niemeyer-Partanen developed within a few years productive contacts and consequently a professional cooperation with constructive and concrete artists from all over the world - in the meantime near friends of her - especially in Scandinavia where the editor comes from. The leitmotif of the art edition is the realisation of high-class printing technology of the artistic work without any facsimile touch. The diverse portfolios have been presented in many international exhibitions, in museums, societies and galleries around Europe and oversea. The graphic works are exhibited in different private and public collections around the world. Many pieces of the small printing studio in the Black Forest have been awarded with gold and silver medals - especially by Japanese design contests.

Art Basel 1973-1989

Exhibitions and Art-Fairs

Art Basel 1973-1989

Washington D. C. Art Fair

Art Expo New York

FIAC, Paris, France

IKI Kunstmesse Düsseldorf

Art Cologne, Germany

International Bookfair Frankfurt

HDV-Alands Museum, Finland

“Graphics” Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

Alvar Aalto Museum, Finland

Graphics International, Bombay, India

World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE


Timo Aalto

Frank Badur

Ilya Bolotowsky

Bob Bonies

Benny Doré

Eugen Gomringer

Rupprecht Geiger

Jean Gorin

Heinz Gruchot

Andres Gruner

Jorma Hautala

Flemming Jespersen

Imre Kocsis

Matti Koskela

Matti Kujasalo

Lauri Laine

Josef Linschinger


Ben Muthofer

Ulrich Namislow

Jo Niemeyer

L.G. Nordström

Paul Osipow

Helge Roed

Diet Sayler

Jochen Scheithauer

Klaus Staudt

Peter Staechelin

H.W. Twardzik

Jim Wichman