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Jo Niemeyer in The Arithmeum Bonn 2009/2010

The Arithmeum is a mathematics museum owned by the Forschungsinstitut für Diskrete Mathematik (Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics) at the University of Bonn.

It was founded by the Director of the Institute, Bernhard Korte, who contributed his private collection of calculating machines. The building's steel-glass facade is meant to represent the "transparency of science".

The object of the Arithmeum is to impart an experience with many facets: among these are not only the learning and understanding of new scientific and technological facts, but also the aesthetic enjoyment of the architecture, the exhibition design, and last but not least, the many interactions with art.

Apart from the frequently changing exhibitions showing abstract geometric or constructivist art, the new acquisitions in the Arithmeum Collection will be shown under the heading "new art". From time to time, exhibits under the heading "singular art" will contribute in a special way to the dialogue between art, science and technology. Catalogues for these exhibitions are available at the desk in the foyer

Tuula Niemeyer and Johannes Messmer preparing

sculptures for the exhibition

Tuula Niemeyer preparing objects for the exhibition

In cooperation and assistance with Johannes Messmer

Arithmeum Bonn 2009/2010

Arithmeum Bonn 2009/2010

In cooperation and assistance

Johannes Messmer, Freiburg, Germany

Arithmeum Bonn 2009/2010