jo niemeyer            „20 steps“  into the microcosmos...



"Pieni ei ole aina pienin, vaan aina pienempi.

Myöskään suuri ei ole aina suurin

mutta suurempi ja samalla verrattuna johonkin, on pieni.

Ja itseensä verrattuna jokainen voi olla pieni tai suuri."


20 steps around the globe - by jo niemeyer in form of an installation of 20 elements (steel columns)

The point "0" is reached. This smallest possible "sculpture" consists only three Carbon Atoms. The distance from the first to the second atom is 0,5 nm nanometers.

The first - and the last column does not only pierces the earth at this point, but the cell of life or for instance the smallest atom in it’s ground state which can be devided further…



© Copyright Tuula Niemeyer-Partanen  2010